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The community of Bocconi alumni in the US is among the largest of a European business and law school.

Friends of Bocconi, Inc., looks to support the more than 1,000 Bocconi alumni locally. Bocconi alumni in the tri-state area have found tremendous professional success across a variety of industries and BAA NY looks to bring these alumni together through sector-specific events, networking events, events for current Bocconi students in the US for internship opportunities, events for recent Bocconi graduates who are pursuing additional degrees at a US institution, and a variety of additional events.

Previousely, BAA NY events and activities included:

Networking Aperitivo - The Bocconi Aperitivo 

Gala Dinner - Friends of Bocconi, Inc. host two gala dinners annually in New York City where we historically bring together our alumni community with the local Italian authorities. 

Events - Most recently, in June, we hosted the Rector and Vice Rector for International Affairs at Rizzoli New York for an update on the university which attracted more than 90 alumni. The remarks included updates regarding building plans and the university current campaign, university rankings, new degree programs, international recruitment, and more. 



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