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Post a Job Opportunity

Free job postings for recruiters

The job board is available to current club members as a membership benefit. Our job board focuses on job and internship opportunities in the United States, but we occasionally post listings in other locations, too. If you have an opening in your company that would be great for a Bocconi alum and friend, please submit it per the instructions below.

There is no charge to companies to post a job

We encourage posts directly from companies and listings from third-party recruiting firms. To post a position, please e-mail with a message including all of the following details about the position:

  1. Company Name,
  2. Position Location,
  3. Position Title,
  4. Company Description,
  5. Position Description (max 3-4 paragraphs), including Required Experience and Qualifications,
  6. Application Instructions, and
  7. your Bocconi affiliation, if any

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