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Frequently Asked Questions...



How can I register on the website?

To register on the website, just click on “New user, registration is FREE” in the top of the Home Page and Join.


What is my username to access the website?

After the registration you will receive an email with login and password (you can change your password to something more easily remembered once you sign in).


I forgot my password: can I get a reminder?

You can get your password directly from our website in the upper-left- corner of the Sign in here box by clicking on “Forgot my password” an e-mail will be sent immediately to your email address that will contain a password reset weblink


How can I update my profile?

You need to access your personal page by inserting your login and password in the upper-left-hand corner “Sing in here” box and click on the first “Important Stuff” box. From there you can choose which personal information to change in your profile. AN UPDATED PROFILE IS ESSENTIAL TO ALLOWING YOU TO MEET YOUR MEMBERSHIP NEEDS.


Where can I find out about upcoming and past events?

On the homepage of our website, you can see all the events organized in New York, including upcoming and past events.


How can I register for events?

To register for events, just go to the event page and click on “RSVP” button or “Buy ticket” and follow the guided procedure. 


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