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  Paolo Gallo, Bocconi University 1987, Master in Science La Bussola Del Successo, Available September 1  

Bocconi Alumnus Paolo Gallo Publishes New Book, to Speak in NYC

Paolo Gallo is the Chief Human Resources Officer at the World Economic Forum, a Leadership Coach and Author. He has just published La Bussola Del Successo about one's career path and defining a 'successful career'.

The Compass of Success. The Rules of Winning Prejudice Free

Albert Einstein wrote, “If I had an hour to solve a problem and my like depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask. For I knew the proper question, I could solve that problem in less than 5 minutes."

This book starts from powerful questions such as: how can I find out what are my strength and talent? Do you love what you do? How can I understand the complexity of organizations? How can I find a job in a company that fits with my values? How can I build trust and meaningful relations? What is the price you are willing to pay, the difficult trade-off, the time to go? How can I protect my ethical values, while remain free? What really matters? How can I then define a successful career?

The book explains with a creative and engaging mix of coaching, management theories short cases and storytelling, how you can find yourcompass, you true passion, how to find the job that fully fits with your talent and values. Then the author helps to intelligently use your radar to understand organizations, their cultures, how to decode complexity and build authentic trust and cooperation. The author offers meaningful questions, reflections and many helpful and practical tools to find a job and on developing a moral compass, a solid value system that will anchor you with your jobs, whatever it will be.   Chapters like the “Price you pay,” and “The pact with the devil” will offer practical tools, thoughts and learning about trade-off and difficult choices that everybody will have to make in their careers and, again, how important is to have a strong moral compass. By reading Paolo’s book, the very same concept of successful career will be radically transformed in something very different from our current mental model, more profound and relevant to all of us, not only for few elected. The new concept of what is a successful career and what really matters, will contribute to improving the way we relate to each other as human beings while having a successful career. 

In the mist of the fourth industrial revolution, in an age of radical transformation and upheaval, we need to anchor our being to our values. The “Compass of Success” helps us to pause and reflect about who we are, what do we stand for and how to remain free.  


By an expert of the World Economic Forum, the manual in order to survive in the company and make a career without losing oneself.

"For a successful career requires a compass, to keep the right course, and a radar to prevent dangerous situations. Gallo's book provides both." - Klaus Schwab, Founder, World Economic Forum

"There is no job satisfaction in the absence of coherence with its own culture. Paolo Gallo helps us to negotiate our fate with the surrounding reality. - Severino Salvemini, Bocconi University 


Paolo Gallo joined the World Economic Forum in 2014. His appointment is the latest chapter in a career in leadership, human resources, organizational behavior in international organizations that spans 70 countries. Prior to joining the Forum, Paolo Gallo has been for 3 years Chief Learning Officer at the World Bank in Washington, DC and for six years (2003-2008) Director of Human Resources at EBRD in London. Prior to this, Paolo designed and implemented a profitable management consulting service at International Finance Corporation as senior adviser on organizational and leadership development providing advice on corporate restructuring and leadership to the World Bank external clients. At the beginning of his career he worked at Citigroup - Investment Banking in Milan, London and New York. Paolo is a certified transformational coach from Georgetown University, graduate of Bocconi University in Milan and Chartered Fellow FCIPD, UK, Board Member of start up.  He is the author of several articles at HBR and Forbes, he is a motivational speaker and panelist at more than thirty international events including Davos.

Most importantly, Paolo is a proud father, husband, an avid reader and traveller, well below average tennis player and a compulsive Bruce Springsteen fan.



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